The Valdene Hotel Blackpool


How easy is it to get around Blackpool?

Because Blackpool is small, it’s easy to walk from one place to another. If you’re staying further.

Where to stay in Blackpool?

There is something for everyone in Blackpool. There are a number of locations to stay at if you are on a budget. The Valdene House Hotel has rooms starting at £35 per night, whereas the Cavendish Hotel offers executive suites for those who want something more luxurious.

What to see and do in Blackpool?

Whatever your interests, there’s a lot to see and do in Blackpool. A trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a must for family fun; you’ll find rides for all ages there. If you’re seeking for something a bit more exciting, try the zip wire at The Tower. The Grand Theatre in Blackpool is well worth seeing if you want something more cultural. Since 1894, the theatre has delighted audiences with musicals and comedy performances.
Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in Blackpool.

What’s eating and drinking like in Blackpool?

There are several restaurants and cafés to enjoy in Blackpool. If you’re searching for a seaside fish and chip meal, you’ll have no trouble finding one; there are lots of chippies to choose from! In order to suit all preferences, Blackpool has a variety of eateries.

How to get to Blackpool?

Blackpool is easily accessible by road, rail and air.
By Road: Blackpool is located on the M55 motorway, making it easy to reach by car.

By Rail: Blackpool North train station is located in the town centre and there are regular services to Manchester, Liverpool and London.

By Air: Blackpool International Airport is located just outside the town centre and there are regular flights to destinations across the UK and Europe.

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